Cookie Policy

What’s a cookie

In real life, it is a delicious baked good and we love having one next to a cup of tea. But here, on the internet, cookies are a completely different thing. By collecting them, you allow us to collect actual data about your browsing activity – the language you use, your location, the device you are using for your online shopping and such. 

How we use them cookies

These are the exact cookies we collect: 

  • Essential cookies (your login info to keep you logged in) 
  • Analytics cookies (used for internal analytics like Google Analytics)
  • Marketing cookies (used to further advertise our products to you)
Your options:

You can customize your cookies when you first access our shop, choosing to allow all the above mentioned cookies or just the necessary ones for you to continue browsing the shop. 

You can furthermore check the cookie usage from your browser’s settings. There you can also clear any cookie usage you are not ok with. We are big believers and supporters of privacy and customization, make those good decisions!

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Effective Date: 21.04.2021

Last Updated: 21.04.2021